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Dios Mio

Don’t you dare snicker at this delicious delicacy. The heretofore unheard of blend of organic cinnamon, brown sugar, and dulce de leche makes for one zesty batch of fresh-baked divinity. Indeed, this snickerdoodle cookie stuffed with dulce de leche will have you screaming at their very existence. Snickerdoodle + Dulce De Leche = Snickerchurro.

Our Churro Cookie is quickly becoming a chewy maintain in our cache of highly sought-after snacks. With its supple yet still crunchy outside, and molten dulce de leche inside, it’s a gooey, explosive party wrapped in a cute little transportable container. Oh yes, this feisty fiesta of churros and dulce de leche deliciousness with have your sweet tooth significantly satiated. Our dulce de leche cookies are a holy union of fabulous flavor and fluffy consistency, crafted to make you come back for more, more, MORE. Order a healthy amount today and let’s get this ambrosial fete started. Ándale!

Do you know what will go best with a Snickerdoodle Cookie? Organic Whole Milk!


Bang Cookies baked goods are hand made using shared equipment which processes eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, cashews, tree nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, coconuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts. We try our best to prevent cross-contamination but if you have severe allergies please take note to the fact that we are not an allergy free bakery.

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Customer Reviews

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The Heavens Opened Up

I received my box of cookies today and quickly opened it up. I took out the Snicker Churro and put it in the microwave. When I broke the cookie open I swear I heard angels singing, but that was just the beginning. As I took the first bite I was transported back to my childhood. There I stayed, reliving days gone by. The world was at peace and total harmony. Once I finished the last bite I began to realize I was in my kitchen and below me was this wonderful box of cookies. I closed the box and put it away. Until tomorrow my friend, when my next adventure begins!

Love!!!! Best they have

I crave this cookie daily love it.

Most unique!

This is the cookie I was most curious about because I’m not normally a caramel guy. But it’s a Mexican caramel which is not as relentlessly chewy as the kind you’re probably used to. Overall it’s a very good snickerdoodle with a surprisingly mild but pleasant filling that goes nicely with the snickerdoodle flavors. If you want to be adventurous and try something out of the ordinary, this one is for you.

Kathy B.

Love the snickerdoodle cookies. They are a favorite of mine.

Leslie C.

The Churrific cookie that's nothing to snicker about. It's sweet, but not overly. When warm, it tastes delicious with a bowl of ice cream. It's simple decadence and the BEST cookie that Bang sells in my opinion.