How do you like it?

Ways to Get Your Cookies:

1). Deliver to my home or work?

Why yes, we do!  Free local on-demand delivery in Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ. Monday thru Friday from 11AM - 7PM. You order em, we bake em and deliver em in about 90 minutes or less.  More cities and weekend hours coming soon!  Wait with baited breath.

2). Free shipping by mail nationwide? 

Yup, that’s right!  You’ll usually get your cookies within 1-3 days, depending on how far you are from us.  We ship Monday - Thursday. All orders received by 4PM EST will be baked and shipped the same day, any orders received after 4PM EST will be baked and shipped the following day. All orders received on Friday - Sunday will be baked on Monday and shipped on Monday. Free shipping nationwide is a limited time offer and subject to change without notice. 

3). Wha?!  Cookies in the mail?

Yup, that’s right!  You’ll usually get your cookies within 1-3 days, depending on how far you are from us.  (See FAQs for more details)

4). Come and get ‘em?

We love visitors, so stop by our cookie factory between the hours of 12pm-3pm to pick up your fresh baked cookies.

5). Subscribing to cookies?  Shut the front door!

Make sure you open the door when your cookies arrive or you’re gonna miss out!  Gone are the days of only being able to subscribe to magazines, you can subscribe to cookies now too! Just let us know how often (7 days, 14 days, 1 month), your box size, and you’re all set!  We mail out subscriptions on the corresponding Mondays.

Cuz you love us so much and so often, we love you back with discounts! Commitment phobic?  No problem!  Subscribe and Save when you're ready and cancel anytime.  No strings attached.


Q: What makes your cookies different than other cookies?

A: Everything! Our cookies are giant-sized, soft baked, organic & natural and the best Bangin' cookies you’ve ever had. We use only the best ingredients to make sure that what gets inside you is something you’d want to brag about. But the biggest differentiator is YOU. We have the best customers on the planet! You make all the difference!

Q: What kinds you got?

A: We started with our 6 Classic flavors then rolled out some Deluxe Cookies. We like to change things up and keep your taste buds happy, so look for new and seasonal flavors. Join our Rewards Program to get in on what's coming out next. Tell us about your favs, because #noflavorissafe!

Q: What makes them so addictively yummy?

A: All of our ingredients are organic, GMO free, and we don't use any preservatives. We do use eggs and all confections are processed in a facility with nuts.

Q: OMG, how do I choose?! I want them all!!!

A: No decisions necessary, as our motto is: Collect All 6! Looking for something in particular? Read our cookie bios, check out reviews, and yummy pics. Follow your heart, you'll find your true love...or loves.

Q: How long they good for?

A: We bake em fresh and they are usually devoured upon arrival. If they manage to stay uneaten, at room temp they are good for about 4-5 days, because we don’t use any preservatives or additives. Pop 'em in the freezer after Day 4 for optimal freshness. Thaw at room temp and enjoy!

Q: What else are you cooking up?

A: Join our Rewards Program to find out (See FAQs for more details)

Q: So, I heard that your cookies are magical! Is it true that if I make a wish on your cookies, it’ll come true?

A: I guess you’ll have to try and find out.


Q: Can I get cookies shipped to me if I live in Hawaii or Alaska?

A: People of Alaska and Hawaii rejoice as we do ship to your states. Our baked to order cookies cannot be be shipped to FPO, APO, or U.S. Territory addresses at this time.

Q: How does your shipping by mail work?

A: We ship my mail our baked to order cookies Monday - Thursday. Orders received by 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time will be baked and shipped the same day. Orders received after 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time will be baked and shipped the next day. All orders received on Friday - Sunday will be baked and shipped on Monday. It takes anywhere from 1 - 3 business days to get to you depending on where you live. Most states in the country takes 2 days. If your in the Tri-state area then it's on average 1 day.

Q: How does your local on demand delivery work?

A: We offer free local on demand delivery in Jersey City, NJ and Hoboken, NJ only. (NYC please choose shipping). You order your cookies online and then we bake em and deliver em fresh from our oven to your door in about 90 minutes or less. Available Monday - Friday from 11AM - 7PM. Weekend delivery hours and additional cities in New Jersey will be added soon!


Q: What's the deal with the founders?

A: We are quirky, foodies, and passionate about cookies. Bios coming soon!