Tasty perks for every point you earn

Bang'Bassadors are die hard fans of Bang Cookies. You want tasty cookies that don't compromise on ingredients and you want the world to know about it. Earn points from purchases and advanced to different tiers to gain even more points. Invite friends and they get 20% off their first order and you get 500 points once they make their first purchase.


Get 200 points just for signing up!

+200 points


Earn with every purchase

+1pt/$1 spent


Give 20% off to your friend & get 500 points!

+500 points


get a free gift on your birthday!

+500 points

Smart cookie

1+ points

Hot cookie

500++ points

Bangin cookie

1000+ points

$1 Spent = 1points
$1 Spent = 2points
$1 Spent = 3points
200 Points for signing up
500 Points for your Birthday!
Give 20% off and get 500 points when your friend purchases
500 points for entering HOT COOKIE status
1000 points for entering BANGIN COOKIE status
Free Gift $25 gift card for being a loyal customer