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Moist Banana Bread Delivery by Bang Cookies

Bang Cookies Banana Bread is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. We’ve reinvented the classic banana breadloaf and the chocolate chip banana bread, bringing it to a whole new level of tastiness that is absolutely bonkers. Scrumptious, totally packed with the best ingredients, and DUH, the freshest, organic bananas you’ve ever stuffed in your mouth. Wake up lusty and make your next breakfast an unforgettable, fully Bang-able one with our healthy banana bread.

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Bang Cookies banana bread delivery

For your mouthy pleasure, we have a bunch of banana breads to choose from. Try our traditional, buttery and scrumptious banana bread, the rich and devious chocolate chip infused chocolate chip banana bread, the nutty banana walnut bread, our chocoholic chocolate banana bread, or our mega nutty banana nut bread — all sure to drive you giddily insane with a flood of flavor to your brain. All these lip-smacking loaves are waiting for you, ready for your delirious consumption. But that’s not all, no no. We’ve also got cookies galore. Mm-hmm, more cookies than you can fit in your stomach, no matter how ample. We have a long list of creamy, chocolatey, white chocolatey, and nutty cookies to choose from. Huzzah! Say ye nut lovers, we do indeed have plenty of cookies with nuts. Walnuts. Peanuts. Macadamia. All kinds of nuts (even the kind like your uncle). Have some darker desires? Then you need to satiate your sable lust with our brownies — all brown and delightful, all filling, all fully Bang-able. These chocolate-based works of art are ready for you to enjoy them. Give in to gluttony and get you some now. Look here: don’t monkey around. Order banana bread delivery now and be a banana bread-winner. Order our comely cookies now and have them delivered to your domicile. Fill your basket with our cookies with nuts, and have them sent right to your bedroom, where you can do whatever you like with these nut-rich, nibble-tastic numbers. All these can, and should be yours. You deserve desserts, people — and the best Bangs you’ve ever dreamed of. 

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What banana bread flavors are available?

Bang Cookies bakes organic banana bread in three distinct flavors: classic banana bread, chocolate banana bread with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate twist, and walnut banana bread for those who like to go nuts!

How long will the banana bread last?

All Bang Cookies cookies, brownies, and banana breads have a shelf life of 7 days. We know it may be a tough call to eat all the delicious, mouth-watering treats in one go, so make sure to store them in a freezer immediately upon receiving the delivery if you're planning to stretch out the pleasure - Bang Cookies baked products can last up to 2 months when frozen. To restore them from frozen to perfect, succulent, ooey gooey eating condition pop it in the oven preheated to 325F for 3-5 minutes (or 15-20 seconds in a microwave), and you're good to go!

Do you offer banana bread delivery?

Yes, Bang Cookies offers nationwide banana bread delivery with FedEx or UPS. You can order organic banana breads directly through Bang Cookies website and have it delivered right to you, or you can pick it up in one of our physical store locations. We always bake the banana bread fresh to order, and have them delivered to you within 2-4 business days.