How do you like it?

Ways to Get Your Cookies:

1). Deliver to my home or work?

Why yes, we do!  Free local on-demand delivery in Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, and Secaucus, NJ when you order 6 cookies or more. Monday thru Sunday from 11AM - 11PM. You order em, we bake em and deliver em in about 90 minutes or less.  More cities and weekend hours coming soon!  Wait with baited breath.

2). Fast shipping by mail nationwide? 

Yup, that’s right!  You’ll usually get your cookies within within 2 days, with FedEx 2Day Express.  We ship Monday - Thursday. All orders received by 3PM EST will be baked and shipped the same day, any orders received after 3PM EST will be baked and shipped the following business day. All orders received on Thursday after 3PM EST - Sunday will be baked on Monday and shipped on Monday. FedEx 2Day Express for only $10.95 shipping by mail is only eligible for 3-20 cookies per order. It is a limited time offer, and subject to change without notice. 

3). Wha?!  Cookies in the mail?

Yeah you got that right. With our FedEx 2Day Express shipping for only $10.95, our cookies will get there faster to your mouth than your hangry mood overtaking you. Remember its for up to 20 cookies per order. This is a limited time offer and subject to change without notice. FedEx 2Day Express has a 99.5% on time rate so that's close to being perfect but if a snowstorm/acts of nature happens or a delay on their end, we can't do much about it.  

4). Come and get ‘em?

We love visitors, so stop by our cookie factory between the hours of 11am-11pm to pick up your fresh baked cookies.

5). Subscribing to cookies?  


No subscription to cookies yet but check back in the future as we may add this feature.