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Oozy, Salty Fun

There’s just something attractive about a cookie with a secret. On the outside, these perfectly cute and modestly attired caramel cookies appear as if they are just the friendly gal next door. But, when you take off the chocolate salted caramel cookie layer and take a peek inside, you'll see an ocean of flirtatiously flowing caramel and chomp-amble chocolate chunks. You’ll literally be powerless to resist these chewy salted caramel cookies, which combine the sweet and the briny, creating a magical medley of alluring, treasured taste.

Ingredients of Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie

Now let’s talk ingredients. Our salted caramel chocolate chip cookie is made from all organic, mouth-watering materials. We’ll let the secret out of the cookie jar too: we combine both milk and dark chocolate in these supple puppies, which blend together for chocolaty morsels unlike any other. Mix these chocolate hunks with bold brown sugar, vivacious vanilla, our patented oozy caramel, and these sea salt caramel chocolate chip cookies take off to a sensual stratosphere of pure sweet serenity. Do yourself an epic favor, and order our caramel salted cookies today.


Bang Cookies baked goods are hand made using shared equipment which processes eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, cashews, tree nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, coconuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts. We try our best to prevent cross-contamination but if you have severe allergies please take note to the fact that we are not an allergy free bakery.

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Bang Cookies offers 3 ways to get your cookies:

• Shipping By Mail nationwide with FedEx and UPS

• Local Delivery with our drivers within the vicinity of our physical stores

• Pick Up directly from our store locations

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Customer Reviews

Based on 734 reviews
Cookie was good but…

Cookie was good but why did you give me a frozen one?? We want fresh cookies not frozen. Ruins the experience

Jen P.

Most chocolate chip cookies are perfect as is, but add caramel & d@mn. This joint is *chef’s kiss* ESPECIALLY heated up, yo. Omg. 🤤

Sally O.
My Favorite

I've ordered this cookie before and loved it. I loved it again, but not quite as much. It was a bit dry. Maybe I live too far away to guarantee the freshness?

Sticky goodness

This cookie was one of my favorites. After a quick pop in the microwave for 10 seconds the texture was perfect. The flavors meshed well together too. Not too sweet and a perfect mouth feel. I highly recommend this one.

Kelli T.
Share the Love

I bought the cookies to share with my co-workers. I made sure to tell each of them to warm the cookie up before eating it. Everyone raved about the cookies and loved the fact there was a “surprise” in the middle of the cookie. This is the second time I have bought this cookie and I also love them.