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Gimme that butter! If we could we would have butter as a form of currency, its that tasty. 

Butter having been a staple of many countries spanning thousands of years and loved worldwide is a primary ingredient in our cookies. We like our butter grass fed, a deep golden yellow color with a specific flavor profile that gives off a wonderful aroma once baked. Bangin good cookies require some bangin good butter to go along with it. 

Did You Know?

The world’s earliest butters were not made from cows but from animals such as sheep, yak, goats, buffalo, camel, and even reindeer. It takes about 21 lbs of whole milk to make only 1 lb of butter. Grassfed butter is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K2, beta carotene, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

Butter me up and moooove.

Our butter comes from cows that are on pasture, creating better animal welfare. Grass fed butter is super tasty on its own, but even better when its in our cookies.

More Organic Ingredients


Organic Madagascar bourbon imparts some damn good richness and flavor. Pour it on baby!


Organic chocolates with velvety smoothness. Whats not to love about chocolates? The more the better.


Organic cane sugar is put in the right amounts without being too sweet, cause who likes getting smothered?